Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

Each guest is equally important to us, so please do not hesitate to observe the following rules, which are intended to ensure peace and security of every person living in our apartments. The following regulations define the responsibilities, rights and obligations of the parties and the booking conditions, as well as rental accommodations listed on the web page

In order to book an apartament you have to be acquainted with these Rules and regulations as well as conclude an agreement between the Landlord and Tenant (Customer Service).

General provisions

• Step4you rents self-contained flats hereafter called apartments for shorter and longer terms such as a day, a week or a month.
• A guest arriving at the apartment is required to check in with Sleep4you in accordance with the rules - Act of 10 April 1974. about the population census and identity cards along with later amendments
• Sleep 4you is obligated to register each guest. It requests the guests to show proof of identity (ID card or passport)
• Sleep 4you will consider a request to extend the stay or assist in the search for a different type of accommodation whenever possibile
• Sleep4you provides services according to their standard. In the event of objections as to the the quality of services, please report them by e-mail, which in the future will allow us to adjust to the guests' expectations
• The law applicable to disputes between the Landlord and the Tenant is the Polish law. Disputes will be settled by the court of the location. Matters not included in these regulations shall be governed by the Civil Code.
• Sleep4you reserves the right to refuse to accept a guest who does not have a valid identity card, does not want to show an ID, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who during the previous visit grossly violated our Terms of Service

Booking and payment

The customers, using the website, find an apartment that meets their expectations in terms of location and accessibility. After finding the apartament that fits their needs the customers performs an initial booking by stating their information (name, contact phone number and e-mail) or by logging into the system, with their username and password.

After the pre-booking a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the lease is required within 2 working days. Failure to pay within the specified period results in a cancellation of the reservation. You can also use a non-refundable option and receive a 10% discount on payment of the entire sum. Confirmation of payment can be sent to our e-mail:

• We accept bank transfers and payment cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, or cash.
• Upon receiving the deposit or payment confirmation the landlord will send an e-mail confirmation of the booking to the tenant, and then the information of the exact address of the apartment and the name and phone number of the person transferring the keys.

The rest of the money must be paid in cash upon arrival during the transfer of the keys. The invoices for renting the apartment will be given to the tenant upon departure at the check-out
• In case the arrival falls within less than 3 days from the date of the booking that is called a LAST MINUTE booking and the customer can simply confirm it by phone. This is the only option where the whole sum can be paid on site during the transfer of the keys.
• Early departures for reasons unforeseen, do not entitle the tenant to a refund
• Sleep 4you reserves the right to change the apartment for another with similar or higher standard.
• In the event in which Sleep4you apartments will not be able to provide security to the client or his assets the Sleep 4you service may withdraw from the lease agreement and return the funds previously paid by the client, deducting the amount due for the services already provided
• A Customer opting for phone or e-mail booking agrees to his data beeing put into the booking system of Sleep4you

Cancellations or change of the length of stay

• If the tenant used the non-refundable booking option (10% discount), upon the cancellation of the reservation the landlord does not return the money to the tenant
• If you cancel the reservation after paying 30% down payment, cancellation causes reimbursement of the entire advance, if the arrival time falls beyond 21 days from the date of Cancellation
• 50% refund of the advance if the arrival time falls beyond 14 days from the date of Cancellation
• No refund of the advance if the arrival time falls less than or equal to 14 days from the date of Cancellation

Arrival, handing over the keys, departure

• Check-in starts at 2:00 pm. and ends at 11.00 am the next day.
• Check-out after 11.00 am means an additional charge of 1/2 daily rate
• The tenant can gain access to the apartament between the hours of 2:00 pm. and 11:00 am. notifying the landlord of the arrival time at least a day earlier by phone (number listed in VOUCHER). If the tenant can not arrive at the appointed time he is required to immediately contact the person transfering the keys.
• Accommodation after 10.00 pm results in a surcharge of 50 PLN
• At the time of accommodation the landlord prepares a registratin card on the basis of the tenant’s identity card or passport. During that time the tenant will be acquainted with the equipment in the apartment, be given the access code to the front door and will also settle the payment.
• If the tenant, for reasons beyond the landlord ,will arrive later than agreed upon, he is required to pay a certain amount for the whole reservation period, also for the unused time.
• Leaving the premises and receiving the invoices is done in the rented apartment after previously setting the time (by phone).

Terms of using the premises by the Tenant

• The apartment can accommodate only the number of people, that was reported at the time of booking. Any change in the number of people must be reported to the landlord by telephone or e-mail.
• The apartment curfew starts at 10.00 pm and ends at 07.00 am., guests not adhering to these rules may be asked to leave the premises
• Any peaple not checked in are not allowed in the apartment after curfew
• The tenant is obliged to preserve the principles of good neighborliness and to keep the apartment in unchanged condition
• The tenant may use all the household appliances and electronics located in the apartment according to their intended use and is obliged to inform the landlord of any failure or faults possibly arising during use
• The tenant shall bear full liability for any kind of damage, destruction or shortages of appliances and technical equipment arising from his fault or the fault of his visitors. . The tenant pays the equivalent of the damage. The owner of the damaged property will evaluate the damage occurred and decide on the compensation. The tenant is obliged to pay within 7 days of being issued the invoice Pro-Forma by the landlord. In the case when the perpetrator is not detected all the adult tenants pay equally for the damage.
• The list of appliances is available in the apartment.
• Do not organise any social events that may be bothersome to the other tenants of the building. In the case of police intervention our company will place a penalty of 500 PLN on the tenant.
• The tenant may not transfer the apartment to a third party, even if the period for which he paid a fee to stay, has not yet expired,


Duties of the landlord

• The landlord is obliged to ensure the full and of unrestrained stay for the tenant in a relaxed and amiable atmosphere
• The apartment is a separate housing unit used by the tenant under the lease. Accordingly, the landlord shall not be liable for any loss or damage to items brought in by the tenant or any other person using the apartment. In particular, he will not be liable to Tenant Responsibility, referred to in art. 846-852 of the Civil Code. the landlord Liability for loss of or damage to money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value is limited.
• Items left by the tenant after his departure will be sent by mail to his address at his expense. If the landlord has not received such an instruction from the tenant, the items will be kept for a period of 14 days from the day of departure.
• If it is impossible to guarantee the personal safety of the tenant or his property, for reasons beyond the control of the landlord or other random causes (eg. flooding of the apartment), the landlord has the right to cancel the agreement and has an obligation to immediately return the entire amount paid by the tenant with the deduction of the amount due for services already rendered. The landlord shall not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the tenant. The teneant shall be notified by phone or e-mail immediately after such a situation is discovered.
• There is confidentiality of information about tenants
• The landlord will perform the necessary repairs during the absence of the tenant, and in his presence only upon agreement
•Whenever possible the landlord will offer another apartment to alleviate any inconvenience that occurred due to a mulfunction, which will not be possible to fix during the tenants stay


Personal data protection

When making a reservation the tenant consents to the processing of personal data solely for the purpose of reservation and completing the registration obligation and to receive information on the activities carried out by the landlord in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997. on the protection of personal data.

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